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“I could say that I’m happy they let me and my boyfriend become married,” he writes of the Supreme Court decision. Hope to die no never, we voted.” So, yeah, what was that about not crying?Calvin Harris re-surfaced Saturday after his breakup with Taylor Swift, and his companion is revealing.Initially, the Frank Ocean fan in me wanted to punch through my computer screen in frustration for having yet again fallen for a headline that ultimately yielded nothing but a vague quote and more confusion about the timeline of Ocean's second official release.But after doing some deep breathing, the music fan in me told the Frank fan to relax and have a couple of seats.Ocean uses cars as narrative signposts in his lyrics: “Remember when I had that Lexus / No?

” Now Ocean has turned to flashier vehicles to help him outrun those demons.On one song, he reminisces about his family’s Acura; on another, he recalls the BMW X6 that he owned at a time when “everything sucked.” Another track is simply titled “White Ferrari.”Maybe Ocean’s auto fixation really is about outrunning demons.Frank Ocean has always been admirably frank about his sexuality in his work — be it Tumblr prose, through his music, or even now in poetry.But do you know who somehow snuck into the front row without anyone taking notice, including a handful of the publicists working the show? See below for proof: Unlike former Fashionista editor Leah Chernikoff, who bravely approached Ocean in the front row at Valentino back in 2013, I'm unsure that I would have been able to actually formulate sentences if I got close enough talk to him.What we're wondering now is: With his recent Calvin Klein duties and all, will the elusive artist be back on the fashion circuit for good soon?

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