Updating and estimating a social accounting matrix

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Updating and estimating a social accounting matrix

Third, the disaggregation of these sectors based on CAPRI data.

The methods applied for the balancing of the datasets at the three stages draw heavily on the concept of Cross Entropy estimation.

Iraq is an oil-exporting economy with a GDP per capita of around 6500 USD and a low inflation rate (below 2 % in 2014), which attracts more than 1 billion dollars a year in foreign direct investment.

Second, the combination of different datasets from Euro Stat into a set of Social Accounting Matrices with aggregated agricultural and food-industry sectors.Finally columns and rows are added up, to ensure accounting consistency, and each column is added up to equal each corresponding row.In the illustration below for a basic open economy, the item C (consumption) comes from Households and is paid to Firms.TMD Discussion Papers contain preliminary material and research results, and are circulated prior to a full peer review in order to stimulate discussion and critical comment.It is expected that most Discussion Papers will eventually be published in some other form, and that their content may also be revised.

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58: Robinson, Sherman, Andrea Cattaneo, and Moataz.