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Creating Project Baselines At this point in your project development, you should have an initial project plan created.

Before you begin to record the actual progress made (actual work performed) on the tasks within your project file, you should save a copy of the original project plan. You can use the baseline as a reference point later on as you begin to track the actual work performed on the project.

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=2 && typeof(Popup Menu_Invoke) == 'function') Popup Menu_Invoke(e,'','Adding milestones','Adding_milestones.htm','Removing milestones','Removing_milestones.htm','Transferring milestone ownership','Transferring_milestone_ownership.htm','Updating milestones','Updating_milestones.htm','Viewing milestone details','Viewing_milestone_details.htm','What are project milestones?

So, if you had the person 100% utilized, they are 1/12 less utilized now, allow you to add additional tasks to him.

: The below steps are not considered best practice.

','What_are_project_milestones_.htm');return false;" title="See Also" If you publish a Microsoft Project schedule to the project workspace, you can add milestones from the Microsoft Project schedule to the project calendar.

Centric Project adds all milestones in the published Microsoft Project schedule to the project calendar and assigns you as the milestone's owner.

Let's say for the sake of simplification that I have a project with 3 tasks: A B and C. Now let's say that we are on day 3 of the project and we find out that task B is completed (the developer had some spare time and was stuck with task A).

A proactive project portfolio management (PPM) system includes proper governance to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data.

An essential element of this governance is addressing projects that are completed or cancelled and to perform several actions on them also in order to complete them.

Next, in the “For:” section, select the “Entire project” option button.

You can then click the “OK” button to save your current project file as the selected baseline.

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icrosoft Project milestones are automatically updated in the project calendar if the Microsoft Project files are republished.

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