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They feature a sealed ink cartridge to prevent mess and they have no moving parts, making them maintenance free.

Industrial thermal ink jet printers supplied by GALA Solutions offer 600 DPI print quality, making them ideal for bar-coding, graphics and logos.

Meu nome é Mara Contato: [email protected] ansiosamente uma resposta Primeiramente gostaria de agradecer pela oportunidade de participar e paranabenizar o BLOG e a todos os responsáveis por essa iniciativa maravilhosa!

With the trend fast catching on, can Delhi be far behind? Curiosidade intelectual das peruas não é o motivo do sucesso de iniciativas com a "Casa do Saber"... Gostaria muito de poder entrar neste site e abrir esse leque com novos amigos e quem sabe, encontrar uma pessoa especial.

“The problem with longer courses is that people would love to do them but don’t. Gordon, who is the founder of global debate platform Intelligence Squared, did his research with the help of “informal focus groups”, ie a bunch of posh mums lunching in Ottolenghi, and quickly concluded there was a gap in the market.

With a canny mix of business nous and philanthropic generosity – he is funding some courses himself – he has enlisted an A-list of professionals.

According to John Gordon, who has just launched the west London-based How To Academy, its popularity is partly a reaction against the new mass online teaching programmes such as Udacity and partly because Londoners are time-poor.

It doesn’t matter whether the subject is serious, such as how to read James Joyce, or frivolous, such as learning to play ping pong — the common factor is brevity.


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