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Dating car salesman

Shopping for the things you love most is heaven - that’s a delight that I have yet to experience in the world of car-dealers. There’s no place on earth that’s more of a man’s world than the car showroom.

While the gleaming machines on display represent the very latest engineering, the attitudes of the sales-staff reminded me of uber man’s man Roger Sterling from Mad Men.

He’d obviously read in some salesman’s manual that if you wanted to close that deal you ought to use somebody's first name. “Belinda”, he said “Why don’t you see the new ‘Note’”, “And Belinda, while you are at it take a look at the beautiful new colour - what do you think of that Belinda? He had assumed that I only cared about the colour, and how attractive the vehicle was.They will be able to confirm the estimated delivery time.You or your appointee must be at the dealership to sign for the new car.The show's ability to capture real slices of life is its key to success.Larry's beautiful new house feels strangely less appealing when he's moved in and the strange "house sounds" are a genuine pain for him.

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He also buys a house and so everything seems to be going fine.

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