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I accepted a baby born 2 days before we were married, I have done everything I...

Feeling lonely isn’t the same as being alone, although the two can go hand in hand.

Hi all, not sure how to get started so I'll spit it out I'm a 29 yr.

old black female in a very controlling marriage and I'm not happy in the least. In the meantime, there are some amazing people on this site.

One thing be aware of how addictive the site is, hmmm as if that is a bad thing (NOT), lol...29 is to young to be unhappy.

This is a site for married or no longer married people to discuss their lives and problems.

That broke my heart, just like a thousand other things he's said to me in the past. He is a recovering addict of severe drug abuse, has only been clean a little over half a year, and has... Just as much effort we put into a person to get them, why can't that same effort be put into effect to keep them? My husband and I have been together for 4 years and married for 6 months. I am so lonely but I keep putting up with the same old crap.

I live in a big pretty house which doesn't mean anything if your not happy.

Just need someone to talk to maby a little flirting. Decide who you are, what you want, what you can accept and what you can't.

“There’s so much pressure to seem like you’re popular and post loads of great photos,” says Lucie.

One of the many things that addiction takes away is the ability to communicate honestly and directly.

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He told me he doesn't love me anymore that he hates me. Just because you are married does not mean you are happy. My husband and I had been dating for only a few months when I became pregnant. My husband and I have been married for 10 years, we got married fairly young. My husband is asleep on the couch EVERY NIGHT by 8pm.