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And then we have the teams that work on other platforms, perhaps developing i OS apps but store their source code in a Git repo in TFS.

The TFS Productivity Tools project was designed to provide TFS administrators with helper extensions for Source Control or Work Item Tracking tasks.

Any suggestions The first time a build completes successfully, it retrieves all of the workitems and changesets that have been created to date on the selected Team Project.

Once a team build has completed successfully the first time, all subsequent runs of that team build will be faster and only contain the work items and changesets since the last successful build.

TFS Team Project Manager works against any version of Team Foundation Server, including Visual Studio Online (even though not all features are always supported there). If you feel it saves you a lot of time and you like it so much that you want to support the countless hours that have gone in developing this - please do feel free to donate!

But a lot of developers like to use other Git tooling, such as Git Extensions, Source Tree or the command line.

For running these extensions the installation of Visual Studio Professional is required.

The extensions was tested with Visual Studio 2012 only.

If you can think of other great features, please let us know through the discussion forums or the issue tracker!

Or (even better) because it's built with a very modular framework (Microsoft Prism) you can also contribute by building your own modules!

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Not in itself, but in the traceability that this gives us.

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