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We could have coffee, a glass of red wine, and then show you how our designs and code in exchange for huge business opportunities and world domination plans or raccoon hiding spots. We wish you will be skilled enough to play with us.But enough with gaming, let's talk about us : two breathtaking dudes. We are artists, poets, painters, stamp collectors and profligate libertines.Pripyat is the central location where the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident occured in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic back in 1986.

We're not using Tinder, Grinder, or any kind of other dating app, so please don't lose your time trying to find us there.Obviously, this works only for things which were once living. In it, players will have to find the best match for a lonely Hydrogen atom. If you are too excited and you want to know more right now, you can always take a look at our development blog, our Twits or our Facebook posts by scrolling down this page.Or even better : we would love to welcome you in our offices in Paris. In Atomic Raccoon Studio, we are highly capable with computer poetry (aka programming), and 3D modeling. Arcade gaming is how we roll, and this is why control & gameplay are at the development core.

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0.00003825%), then that object has been dead for about 5700 years.

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