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But by the fall of my senior year, I realized that all my female friends—even the one-meal-a-month acquaintances we all have—had experienced at least one relationship-induced episode that left them shaken and morose.

My obsession with this calcified, which is how I came to focus my nonfiction creative writing thesis on women’s romantic experiences at Middlebury.* * It’s important to note that I am interested in the romantic and sexual experiences and desires of Middlebury women who are not heterosexual as well, and while I hoped to cover bisexual and lesbian experiences in my thesis work, I had to limit my scope to heterosexual experiences due to a lack of time.

This argument reared its head again of late in a piece in s September issue, “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse.” Most of the story is based on man-on-the-street-style interviews that presume most people use Tinder for sex and then confirm most people use Tinder for sex via interviews with people who use Tinder for sex.

Jetcost.com, 1 in 10 travelers report having had sex in an airport, which means a lot of people are doing it. Before we get into the sex stuff, let’s start off with some broad stats.

Be warned that this workflow isn’t 100 percent comprehensive — these are the main things you’ll need to know to have a deep and fulfilling relationship with the new technology resting just above your hand.

than the mile high club: The “I just had sex in an airport” Club. According to a new survey conducted by a flight-shopping website, US.

Fifty-four percent of the people who took the survey reported shopping in the terminal to pass time before their flight, 67 percent said they get something to eat or get drunk, 41 percent said they’re perfectly fine simply plating a game on their phone, 39 percent watch Netflix, and 11 percent read emails, and a naughty 10 percent said they enjoy a quick pre-flight nookie. You might be thinking to yourself, “Where the hell am I supposed to hook up in an airport? ” so let me tell you where the most common airport hookups happen.

Forty-two percent of respondents said they go for it in the bathroom, while 28 percent said they find themselves a nice, cozy storage cupboard to get it on in.

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I ran our campus’s most-read student blog, drank on weekends, buried myself in American literature on weekdays, and occasionally (frequently) stressed out in between.